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You’ve probably reached us because you want to find a good event service provider. And as a matter of fact, you have just found it!

We have been designing corporate events since 2008. In addition to ideas and passion for their pursuit, we have a wealth of experience, owing to which the event will be tailored to your budget, well matched to your preferences and, what is the most important, it will be safe.

The organization of corporate events is a very broad field, and you need to be a specialist to offer the highest level of services! We specialize in five forms of event activity of companies:

The organization of company retreats – we know how to make the participants immerse into a whirl of fun, we have our steady providers of attractions and we follow industry trends.

Team building events – we build teams, we know great locations for low and high-budget trips for the company management. Our trainers will put everything that they have been working on with the participants during the team building trip into your company practice.

The organization of banquets, corporate galas, jubilees and ceremonial openings – in this part our event managers use tons of branding elements and refine every detail – after all, the image of your company is at stake.

The organization of conferences and trainings – managerial training is an extremely popular form of event activity for companies. Offsite trips, in site meetings, meetings with icebreakers, or simple forms of training without additional elements. We plan, implement, and coordinate everything at the time you set.

The organization of company picnics – we encourage you to create consistent picnic concepts. The reality that surrounds you gives you many opportunities to use it in the creation of an outdoor meeting – we assure you that we will find something perfect for your community, which can be an excellent theme for a company picnic.

Use our website – let’s get to know each other better, so that you can be sure that we can give you exactly what you need. We are waiting for your brief!

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